Leonardo 85

Our new still for distilling essential oils is available: 85 liter

Leonardo still with 85 liter for essential oils and hydrosols

Hazelnut brandy

Your own perfect hazelnut brandy. It´s easy to distill a hazelnut brandy with great flavour in your own still at home.

Gin homemade

Distilling your own brandy. It`s easy to make your own high quality Gin with your still at home.

Fruity spirits

Interesting taste: raspberry + ginger or raspberry + ginger + lime or orange

Spirits with oranges Spirits with raspberry, lime and ginger Spirits with raspberry and ginger How to distill <our own spirit?

Coffee vinegar

Fermented coffee vinegar: intense taste like espresso.

How to make vinegar with coffee taste?

Distilling alcohol and spirits at home using a copper pot still

How to make home made alcohol and spirits with high quality and your own artisian copper still.

Homemade vinegar

How to make high quality vinegar at home? Learn to make your own vinegar with top Quality.

Swiss pinecones infusion

The center of swiss pinecones infusion “Zirbenschnaps” seems to be in Lungau, Salzburg, Austria. A very delicious recipe: 1 l 45%vol alcohol, tasteless (vodka, Everclear), quatering 2 – 3 swiss pinecones and about 100 g sugar or honey. Infusion is finished after 4-6 weeks.

Make your own swiss pinecones infusion

Essential oil distillation – home made oils using steam distillation

How to distill your own essential oils at home? Using steam distillation with the copper artisian Leonardo© still.

Refreshing idea!

Plunge a small towel in home distilled lemongrass hydrosol, 1:1 diluted with water, put it in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. Then use it to refresh you face, neck and arms.

Refreshing towels with lemongrass: homemade