Vinegar mother

Vinegar mother of the homemade vinegar

How to distill essential oils using steam distillation at home

Eucalyptus, lemongrass, anise, caraway, rosemary, chamomile: great yield using a Leonardo copper still for steam distillation.

Yield of essential oils

Homemade essential oils : big yield with Leonardo classic

Chamomille oil distilled with the Leonardo: yield Homemade Eucalyptus oil: yield Lavender oil - homemade: yield Essential oil of caraway: yield Anise oil distilled with the Leonardo: yield Essential of juniper: yield Rosemary oil: yield

Our English books

Our books for distilling alcohol, distilling essential oils and making vinegar are available in English:

Our own book: How to make essential oils at home? Our book: How to make spirits and brandies at home? Our book: How make vinegar at home?


Leonardo 85

Our new still for distilling essential oils is available: 85 liter

Leonardo still with 85 liter for essential oils and hydrosols

Hazelnut brandy

Your own perfect hazelnut brandy. It´s easy to distill a hazelnut brandy with great flavour in your own still at home.

Gin homemade

Distilling your own brandy. It`s easy to make your own high quality Gin with your still at home.

Fruity spirits

Interesting taste: raspberry + ginger or raspberry + ginger + lime or orange

Spirits with oranges Spirits with raspberry, lime and ginger Spirits with raspberry and ginger How to distill <our own spirit?

Coffee vinegar

Fermented coffee vinegar: intense taste like espresso.

How to make vinegar with coffee taste?

Distilling alcohol and spirits at home using a copper pot still

How to make home made alcohol and spirits with high quality and your own artisian copper still.