Make Vinegar at Home

It’s time to make your own vinegar at home.

Make Vinegar at Home

Heads – Hearts – Tails

Distilling Spirits: you have to separate the heads, hearts and tails.

Heads - Hearts - Tails

Iris Root

Make hydrosols and essential oils with the iris root.

Make hydrosols and essential oils with the iris roote

Quinces – to Make Vinegar or Spirits

Quinces are ready to harvest. Make a mash and distill your own quinces-moonshine. Or ferment your own quinces-vinegar.

Quinces are ready to harvest

Cornel Cherry

Time for harvesting the cornel cherry. You can make a great fruit spirit.

Cornel Cherry

Resin – Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Distilling essential oils and hydrosols from resin.

Resin - Essential Oils and Hydrosols


Use curcuma for distilling a great spirit, essential oils, hydrosols or for making vinegar.


Interview in Podcast: Essential Oils

Interview in Podcast about Essential Oil


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Make Desinfectant Against Coronavirus

Make your own desinfectant against coronavirus: distill your own alcohol, use vinegar or special essentialoils and hydrosols with e.g. juniper, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, mint, applecidervinegar

Make Desinfectant Against Coronavirus