Specialties – Spirits, Essential Oils, Vinegar

We have compiled further information for particularly interesting products on our specialist pages on distilling spirits, how to make essential oils and hydrosols, and vinegar making. You will find current developments and innovations in our free Newsletter

  • Gin – the popular classic
  • Absinth – What is the Green Fairy?
  • Raspberry Moonshine: Fruity products from the garden
  • Rose essential oil and rose hydrosol – probably the most precious essential oil
  • Lavender oil and lavender hydrosol – the versatile lavender oil is probably the most widespread
  • Resins – these can also be easily distilled at home
  • Apple cider vinegar – is used in the kitchen, medicine, health & beauty care and much more
  • Balsamico – the noblest vinegar
  • Wine vinegar – also a classic for cooking, medicine and beauty care

Specialties - Spirits, Essential Oils, Vinegar - still LEONARDO® 85 liters

Spirits - Distillation Kit

Basic equipment for the distillation and dilution of spirits.

Mash Starter Kit

Basic equipment for mashing and distilling schnapps.

Essential Oil Distiller Kit - Classic

Basic equipment for distilling essential oils and hydrosols yourself.

Essential Oil Distiller Kit - Grande

Equipment for distilling essential oils from plants with low oil content or from larger plant quantities.

Vinegar Production – Starter Kit

Complete vinegar kit and simple acid and alcohol analysis.

Vinegar Production – Complete Kit

Complete vinegar production kit with accurate acetic acid and alcohol analysis.

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