Apricot Blossom

Apricot blossom and a lot of bees…

Ginger for Essential Oils

Preparing dried ginger for distilling essential oils.

Ginger and Kumquat

Ginger and kumquat result in a delicious spirit.

Distilling a mixture of herbs

Distilling a mixture of meadowsweet, oregano, sage, yarrow, StJohnswort, mint and lavender.

Enfleurage, lemon blossoms

Enfleurage with the blossoms of lemons.

Enfleurage with the blossoms of lemons

Pot Majoram (Oregano)

200 g dried Potmarjoram (oregano) from Crete destilled with our Leonardo-Still: 3 ml essential oil and 500 ml hydrosol.

Great yield of distilled essential oil: pot majoram from Crete

Essential oils from wild herbs

Wild herbs ready for distilling esssential oil and hydrosol. The mixture of lavender, oregano, meadowsweet, sage, yarrow and aaronsbeard.

Vinegar mother: homemade raspberry vinegar


Vinegar mother of the raspberry vinegar.

Vinegar mother: homemade raspberry vinegar

Raspberry vinegar

Homemade raspberry vinegar with the vinegar generator.

Homemade raspberry vinegar: the vinegar generator

Your homemade Gin

With these gin-botanicals you can easily make gin at home.

Homemade Gin: Botanicals to distill your own spirit