Damascus Rose

Best roses for producing essential oils are the Damascus roses.

Quince Tree

Small quince tree after first snowfall: this little tree yields about 50 liters of mash per year. It’s a quite reliable type of fruit.

Make Your Own Mash

Left: the perfect mash Right: mash with yeast film (mold film)

Mango Vinegar

Great homemade mango vinegar!

Distilling Limoncello

Make your own Limoncello at home. Here you can find all our recipes.

Make Vinegar at Home

It’s time to make your own vinegar at home.

Heads – Hearts – Tails

Distilling Spirits: you have to separate the heads, hearts and tails.

Iris Root

Make hydrosols and essential oils with the iris root.

Quinces – to Make Vinegar or Spirits

Quinces are ready to harvest. Make a mash and distill your own quinces-moonshine. Or ferment your own quinces-vinegar.

Cornel Cherry

Time for harvesting the cornel cherry. You can make a great fruit spirit.