Heads – Hearts – Tails

Distilling Spirits: you have to separate the heads, hearts and tails.

Iris Root

Make hydrosols and essential oils with the iris root.

Quinces – to Make Vinegar or Spirits

Quinces are ready to harvest. Make a mash and distill your own quinces-moonshine. Or ferment your own quinces-vinegar.

Cornel Cherry

Time for harvesting the cornel cherry. You can make a great fruit spirit.

Resin – Essential Oils and Hydrosols

Distilling essential oils and hydrosols from resin.


Use curcuma for distilling a great spirit, essential oils, hydrosols or for making vinegar.

Interview in Podcast: Essential Oils

Interview in Podcast about Essential Oil

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Make Desinfectant Against Coronavirus

Make your own desinfectant against coronavirus: distill your own alcohol, use vinegar or special essentialoils and hydrosols with e.g. juniper, lemon, eucalyptus, cinnamon, mint, applecidervinegar

Making Essential Oils by Yourself – Is That Possible?

The topic of making essential oils by yourself is becoming more and more important, as the use of essential oils is becoming increasingly common. Whether in cosmetics, cooking, health or relaxation, the scent and healing effects of essential oils and hydrosols are indispensable. For many products such as creams, massage oils, perfumes but also for […]