Special pectinase (100 ml), for liquefaction of fruit mash, 100ml

Preis 24

Special enzyme preparation specifically adapted to the requirements of pomaceous fruit and topinambur mashes, with a new formulation and high cellulase activity. The special pectinase ensures reliable liquefaction of the mash, makes fermentation easier and ensures complete fermentation of the mash for a maximum alcohol yield. The optimal pulping releases valuable constituents of the fruit for brandies with strong aromas. Stone fruit and soft fruit: 5 – 10 ml per 100 l, pomaceous fruit:10 – 15 ml per 100 l, topinambur: 20 – 50 ml per 100 l.

Compared to similar products from other manufacturers, our special pectinase is characterized by an unusually high level of liquefaction.