Kettle DELUXE, 2 Liters, for DELUXE still, the system can be converted to the other kettle size

Preis 127
Kettle DELUXE, 2 Liters

Additional kettle for DELUXE still (2, 3.8 or 7.8 liters)

The Deluxe still can be operated with a 2 liter, 3.8 liter or 7.8 liter kettle by exchanging the distilling kettle. Delivery contents: kettle with seal; 7.8 liter kettle also includes a small extension tube for the flavor basket.
additional 2-liters-kettle for still Deluxe
additional 3.8-liters-kettle for still Deluxe
additional 7.8-liters-kettle for still Deluxe