Hydrometer for Alcohol, with thermometer, correction scale, 0-100%vol

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Hydrometer for Alcohol

After distillation, it is necessary to measure the alcohol content of the derived alcohol in order to dilute it to drinking strength. The hydrometer is used for measuring this. The display is highly temperature-dependent; therefore the device is equipped with a thermometer and correction scale. The measurement range of the hydrometer is 0 to 100% ABV. The total length is 30.5 cm. The 100 ml graduated cylinder is recommended for optimum measurement, so that the alcohol spindle can still float freely even if there are small amounts of alcohol (at least approximately 80 ml).


  • A hydrometer measures the density of a liquid. The density of the liquid is influenced not just by alcohol, but also by dissolved solids such as sugar, extract, original gravity etc.. Therefore alcohol can only be measured exactly in pure distillates, because these are free of dissolved solids. Hence the hydrometer always shows the wrong alcohol content for wine, beer, mash and liqueur. The alcohol analysis set is suitable for that purpose.
  • On the alcoholometer, the spacing of the scale divisions becomes bigger with increasing alcohol content, which means the measurement becomes more and more accurate as the alcohol content increases. On a refractometer for alcohol precisely the opposite is the case, which means the strength of schnapps or higher can only be measured with sufficient accuracy with an alcoholometer.