special fermentation mix, 150 g

Preis 20

Combination yeast and enzyme preparations for distilling fruit; one pack is enough for 200 liters of mash. The fermentation mix is a combination of distiller’s yeast and pectinase specially matched to the particular type of fruit for reliable and quick liquefaction of the mashes. The pure yeast selected for use when distilling fruit guarantees quick and complete fermentation without faulty fermentation. The special fermentation mix also guarantees reliable liquefaction of roots, tubers and difficult fruit such as rowan berries, sloes, quinces and rose hips.

For mashing you also need Biogen-M; the liquefier is already included in the fermentation mix. The fermentation mix can create a maximum of approximately 12% ABV in the mash. The alcohol content of fruit mashes is between approximately 2 and 8% ABV depending on the variety of fruit.